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Video Security, Analytics and Access Control to Protect your Personnel and Premises

Having a security camera and wider surveillance system in place within a business is not a new concept, but the sheer suite of capabilities and benefits of a modern solution has progressed in leaps and bounds over recent years.

Whether it be picture and audio quality, camera range, sensitivity or integrated controls enabling optimised performance, having a quality video surveillance camera or cameras can mean the difference between deterring theft/capturing a perpetrator, or having insufficient footage to decisively identify threats to your business.

CSE Crosscom is well informed of the latest security camera features and functionalities, ensuring that users get the most out of their solution from the moment it is installed.

Fully Optimised Video Security Solutions: Get the Best for your Business

Depending on the specific security camera solution you select based upon your individual needs and budget, features will vary. However, across the range, the following attributes ring true:

Features of Video Security Cameras

  • Robust build to withstand harsh operating environments
  • Integration with body worn cameras
  • Remote alarm and access control
  • Recording and activity analytics across your range of video security devices

Common Applications for Fixed Security Cameras

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Premises security and staff safety
  • Theft deterrent and incident review

Get a quality video security solution delivered to your specifications

Purchasing the right product is one thing – but engaging the right team for integration and installation is another.

CSE Crosscom have proudly commissioned countless high-profile security and surveillance systems that meet complex client needs. From selection, build, installation and maintenance – we’ve got you covered.

Scale isn’t an issue, so whether your premises simply requires the replacement of a few units, through to a complete system overhaul over a large spanning area, CSE Crosscom have the capability and experience to ideate and implement the most effective solution for your needs.

Integrating analytics, remote and access control capabilities

Leveraging cloud services, a connected user can remotely review and monitor video live or post-capture, as well as check up on the health and status of the system or individual devices from anywhere, at any time.

On this same platform, an access control system can be implemented and controlled remotely, configured to secure certain sites within a premises or provide windows of time where access is granted/withdrawn.

All data from security functions also exist online and are accessible via the cloud, providing a real-time assessment of camera activity, alerts, device health and other key configurations.

Leading Video Security Solutions are Just a Click Away: Shop Avigilon Security Cameras (a Motorola Solutions Company) via CSE Crosscom

CSE Crosscom is a proud platinum partner of leading security solutions provider Motorola Solutions.

For this reason, we supply a comprehensive range of Motorola Solution’s Avigilon Fixed Security Cameras and supporting integrations that deliver superior visual performance, analytics and overall functionality.

Learn more about our range of Avigilon fixed security cameras.