Lone Worker Monitoring

Protecting Australian Lone Workers with Personal Safety Devices & Monitoring Solutions

CSE Crosscom is at the forefront of technologies that provide visibility, automation and reduced exposure to health and safety risks for lone workers. Amid greater pressures to step up HSE standards and practices, we are seeing greater investment in communications technology and personal safety devices for lone workers that are designed to make working in high-risk or remote situations as safe as possible.

    Ensuring Worker Safety for your High-Risk Employees

    Australian Employer Responsibilities

      When managing Lone Worker risk and safety, careful consideration should be given to:

      • The length of time employees may be working alone
      • The time of day when they are working alone
      • The location of the work
      • Worker communication strategies
      • The nature of the work and inherent risks associated with it
      • The skills and capabilities of employees including medical considerations

      Employers can mitigate dangers facing Lone Workers through implementing:

      • Buddy systems
      • Improved workplace layout and design
      • Movement records
      • Training and instruction on workplace safety
      • Providing first aid training
      • Implementing effective communication systems

      The Current Global Context of Lone Worker Safety

      Workplace manslaughter laws have been introduced in many Australian states and territories, where employers now face criminal charges for failing to adequately manage, control or supervise its employees. The advent of COVID-19 has further changed the working conditions for all industries globally. Additional to this, the isolation policies associated with disease management present a new challenge for many businesses, with increased vulnerability of workers who are obliged to work remotely. CSE Crosscom’s Lone Worker Monitoring solution offers an end-to-end solution to ensure your Lone Worker employees are safe.

      CSE Crosscom Technology for Lone Worker Safety in Australia


        • Lone Worker, Man-Down & emergency buttons.
        • Simple to use, with long-life battery.


          • Real-time video streaming for situational awareness.
          • Video recording for incident review and proof of workmanship.


            • Extended coverage combining radio, mobile and satellite networks.
            • Supports indoor and outdoor use.


              • Supports Windows PC and smartphone devices.
              • Supervisors able to monitor workers from anywhere.


                • Rapid response to user emergency events, with location tracking.
                • A1 Graded Security Control Room, for remote-dispatch of emergency service responders.
                • Monthly incident reporting with all activities recorded for review.

                  Use Case – Improving Lone Worker Safety

                    WORKER INCIDENT OCCURS

                    A utility worker alone at a remote substation is injured, unable to move, and needs assistance.

                    ALARM SYSTEM ACTIVATED

                    Pressing the emergency button on his dedicated rugged device automatically places the worker in a group call with dispatch and his supervisor, and both receive information on the worker’s location.

                    ASSISTANCE DISPATCHED

                    With the press of one button, the worker is able to let team members know they need immediate help. Minimising the time between incident and response reduces the chance of serious harm to the worker.

                    Inquire about Our Lone Worker Safety & Monitoring Devices

                    Lone Worker Safety & Communication Devices

                    To prevent incidents, all device models support Lone Worker safety and two-way voice communication. Selected models also include Man Down functionalities. Get in contact with a CSE Crosscom specialist to learn which device is right for you.

                    Body Worn Cameras

                    Body worn cameras are an effective way of providing assurance and giving visual context if your Lone Workers are under duress. Body worn cameras:

                    • Record video for proof of work and incident analysis.
                    • Can be a deterrent to help diffuse situations when camera is activated.
                    • Selected models support live-streaming of video for remote incident management.

                    Why Choose CSE Crosscoms Lone Worker Safety Solution?

                    24/7 Monitoring and Response

                    Not all businesses can afford to operate their own dispatchers or control rooms, and that is where our 24/7 monitoring service provides peace of mind.

                    • Lone workers using a rugged device or BYO smartphone can activate an emergency or an instant personal alert.
                    • Users with smartphone devices can view the location of other users and stream video of incidents.
                    • Monitoring centres can see the user location and establish voice communications to confirm the emergency.
                    • Emergency service responders can then be dispatched as required.

                    Australia-Wide Coverage

                    Ensuring your Lone Worker is receiving coverage no matter where they go is of huge importance. Mobile phone networks don’t work everywhere, and cannot be relied upon as the sole means of safety communication.

                    Our solution combines radio, mobile and satellite networks to provide maximum coverage, giving you the peace of mind that your Lone Workers are safe and within reach. Our nation-wide coverage also ensures communications and tracking of users, both indoors and outdoors.

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