Body Worn Cameras

Body Cameras : Providing Safety,
Accountability and Peace of Mind

Video Security & Safety | Body Worn Cameras

Keeping workers safe in daily operations

Body worn cameras are an emerging security technology, providing support to on-site & customer facing personnel across a number of key industries.

In addition to protecting the wearer, personal body cameras serve as tools to deter threatening behaviour through capturing and recording interactions, increasing the safety of others in the immediate vicinity. Device setup is straightforward, with a simple activation process and great wearability – hosting a variety of attachment options that enables it to be fixed to clothing or personal equipment.

As well as simple physical setup, body worn cameras are also functionally adept, with the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing communications systems and provide a clear feed of events on the ground, as they happen.

With applications from lone worker safety monitoring through to training and security, our range of body worn cameras are adaptable to any operating environment.

Personal Body Cameras : Versatile and Feature-Rich

Features of Body Worn Cameras

  • Live video and audio recording and transmission
  • Integration with existing CCTV and security systems
  • Remote alarm activation
  • Integration with two-way radio devices

Common Applications for Body Worn Cameras

  • Monitoring and compliance
  • Timekeeping and invoicing
  • Training
  • Workplace security and staff peace of mind
  • Incident review and proof of workmanship

Share Video and Audio for Real-Time Collaboration

Australia is home to some of the most rugged and remote workplaces in the world, where small teams or lone workers are often made to work on complex projects with very little access to support. An unexpected incident or novel problem in this context can cause massive delays while staffing or equipment replacements/swap-outs are made.

As a use case, an engineer equipped with a body worn camera has access to alternative troubleshooting or problem-solving opportunities, such as being able to stream live video and audio back to management to give a real-time indication of conditions on site, seek a second opinion or get help on an unexpected issue.

In an environment where travel and access can make collaboration difficult, having eyes and ears on the ground opens the door to new ways of working remotely.

Record Video to Create Training Resources at a Touch of a Button

Body worn cameras make it simple to capture video and audio for use in quality control, compliance monitoring or training new employees.
Equip a technician with a personal body camera prior to undertaking planned maintenance and record the whole process for future reference, or have your frontline workforce prepared at all times to capture incident footage for fail-safe reporting and investigation.
Integrated sharing and editing software enables secure in-house handling of recorded material and makes it simple to share video as required.

Protect Your Business and Your Workforce with Wearable Video Cameras

The ability to remotely trigger an alarm or share live video and audio provides enhanced safety for lone workers, remote sites and other isolated staff.

The safety benefits of body worn cameras extend to the wider company, too, as video evidence of completed work and site conditions is invaluable when dealing with disputes or monitoring issues.

Personal body cameras integrate with existing CCTV systems and extend the field of view beyond fixed camera points. As a platinum Motorola technology partner, CSE Crosscom has a range of body worn cameras to suit any workplace application.

Integrate Body Cams with Lone Worker Monitoring Software

The security, collaboration and training capabilities of body worn cameras make them a natural choice for lone worker monitoring.

A lone worker wearing a body camera can share video and audio with the control centre for assistance with a problem, activate a one-touch emergency button to call for assistance or record incidents for review at a later date, delivering security and peace of mind.

Industry Leading Body Worn Cameras from Motorola Solutions

As a platinum partner of Motorola Solutions, CSE Crosscom provides video security and safety solutions with the latest range of innovative body worn cameras from a global leader in visual and communication technologies.