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Motorola Solutions
TETRA Mission-Critical Portable Radios

What is TETRA?

Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) is a set of radio communications standards designed for use by police and emergency services, governments, military and transport applications. Originally implemented in Europe, the TETRA standard delivers long-range geographic coverage, high-level voice encryption and emergency call functionality. A Direct Mode Operation (DMO) option allows TETRA radio users to communicate directly when outside the range of a network.

Why choose a Motorola Solutions TETRA device

Reliable and adaptive audio

Noise suppression technology, wind mitigation and a 2W loudspeaker make Motorola Solutions TETRA devices perfect for communication under all conditions.

Programmable for ease of use

Programmable buttons, intuitive Push To Talk (PTT) functionality and Over-The-Air Programming (OTAP) update capabilities are standard across Motorola TETRA devices.

Ready for the field

Compact, lightweight, rugged and robust, Motorola Solutions TETRA devices boast up to 22 hours of battery life, bright OLED display and vibration alerts for high performance in mission-critical settings.

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Motorola Solutions Tetra Radios

In-Demand TETRA Products

The MXP & MTP series radios are our current most demanded TETRA products.

An image of a Motorola Solutions MXP600

The Motorola Solutions MXP600 Portable Radio is a rugged radio device for frontline workers. Delivering best-in-class coverage and exceptional performance in a rugged, lightweight package, the MXP600 is ideal for mission-critical communications in any setting. Rated to IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP68 standards, the MXP600 features adaptive noise suppression technology and the potential to ramp up to Class 3 (2.8W) transmission power for greater connectivity.


An image of a Motorola Solutions MXP600

The MTP8500 Series TETRA ATEX radios are designed to withstand the most extreme environments, including areas with chemical vapours, excessive dust and combustibles. The design is ergonomic – clearly visible in low-light conditions, textured for grip and easy to operate when wearing gloves and other PPE – without sacrificing performance, as the audio quality, battery life and coverage are all exceptional.


An image of a Motorola Solutions MXP600

Motorola’s TETRA Devices Deliver Reliable Mission-Critical Communications

Motorola Solutions TETRA devices are designed for frontline workers and mission-critical communications, from military and emergency services through to transport monitoring and mine-site applications. Compact and easy to use, Motorola Solutions TETRA devices provide clear audio in even the noisiest conditions. Over-The-Air Programming, Bluetooth connectivity and Near-Field Communication (NFC) round out the package, enabling system updates long into the future and full integration across smartphone networks.

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