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Motorola Solutions APX™ P25 Series Devices

The APX™ series from Motorola was designed to meet the needs of teams operating in critical environments. Taking full advantage of the P25 digital two-way radio standard, the APX™ series provides reliable communication in all environments, guaranteed interoperability with other P25 technologies on both digital and analogue modes and a rugged construction built to handle the rigours of fieldwork.

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APXseries Features

All-day battery life

APX P25 Radios offer up to 14 hours of continuous use on a standard APX™ series battery, with the option to use an extended-life battery for up to 18 hours of two-way radio communication.

Industry-leading audio

Advanced background noise suppression, high-powered speakers and automatic gain control are standard on APX™ series devices, providing clear audio when it matters most.

Virtual partner

The ViQi™ virtual assistant is a voice-operated tool allowing you to perform routine work without taking your eyes off the task at hand. Powered by advanced, field-tested AI, ViQi™ can change channels, run checks, provide search information and other routine tasks in response to voice commands.

Always connected

The Motorola APX™ range provides best-choice connectivity, automatically switching to the strongest available signal, whether it’s LMR, LTE or Wi-Fi.

Designed to be used

Comfortable, convenient and intuitive, every aspect of the APX™ series is designed with the user in mind. Settings can be adjusted using dials, the dust- and splash-proof touchscreen, or via voice control using ViQi™, while handsets are easy to grip and clip easily to belts and uniforms.

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The APX™ 2000 , APX™ 2500 and APX™ 6000 series radios are our current most demanded products.

Motorola Solutions APX2000 Black Portable P25 Radio

The APX™ 2000 P25 is a streamlined portable radio delivering all the key features of the APX™ range in a simple, reliable package. Ergonomic lines and dedicated volume and channel knobs make operation easy, while a programmable emergency button and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 AES certified hardware encryption provide security and peace of mind. Use of the ASTRO® 25 Integrated Voice and Data system enables extra functionality, including text messaging and over-the-air programming

Motorola Solutions APX2500 Black Portable P25 Radio

With a simplified universal dash mount design, the APX™ 2500 is the new standard in rugged, functional mobile radio communication. Combining digital and analogue communication technologies, the APX™ 2500 is capable of maintaining connections with field workers in even the most hazardous conditions. Intelligent lighting, an IP56 durability rating and built-in GPS capabilities alleviate security concerns, while text messaging and Bluetooth connectivity ensure that the message gets through, no matter what.

An image displaying the Motorola Solutions APX 6000 P25 front facing

With a host of advanced features and applications, the APX™ 6000 portable radio takes field communications to the next level. The ergonomic form factor and reliable digital/analogue connections are still present, but the addition of GPS location tracking, Over-the-Air-Programming (OTAP), Mission Critical Wireless and Advanced Digital Privacy elevate the APX™ 6000 to new heights of safety, functionality and dependability. Noise reduction software and audio gain control ensure that the message is always clear, even in emergency situations and harsh environments.

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