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Evolve LTE

Motorola Solutions Evolve LTE – Purpose-Built for Maximum Connectivity

Merging the capabilities of an Android smart phone with the durability and reliability of a push-to-talk device across 4G LTE and Wi-Fi network configurations, the Motorola Solutions Evolve LTE is a purpose-built device – designed to maximise connectivity in business and mission critical environments.

Powered by Motorola, the Evolve seamlessly integrates with Motorola’s growing suite of technology and software solutions including video security and analytics, location services, and productivity and incident management. The device’s outstanding processing power, data connectivity, along with its durable IP68 design and superior voice capabilities offers a scalable solution fit for your most critical communications.

Motorola Solutions
Evolve LTE Features

Rugged, Resilient Build

Built to withstand the toughest of environments, the Motorola Solutions Evolve LTE is completely dust-proof and water-resistant. The device features physical programmable buttons, standard Android navigation system and a 5 inch Gorilla Glass display that is glove-operable screen, all within a durable and ruggedised build.

Seamless Connectivity

Offering limitless connectivity capabilities, the Motorola Solutions Evolve LTE supports 4G LTE and Wi-Fi network configuration, as well as compatibility to connect with Motorola Solutions’ growing technology and software solution set – allowing you to scale your communications solution with advanced technology as your business grows.

Mission Critical

No matter the mission, Motorola Solutions’ Evolve LTE provides unparalleled quality in its build and audio, featuring a rugged drop and shock-proof, dust and water-resistant build, and superior noise suppression and echo cancellation capabilities– extending across a wide range of accessories.

Open Architecture

Leveraging the Android platform, the device offers complete access to apps in the Google Play store including G-suite apps such as Google Maps, Gmail and more. Take control with centralised device management and Android Enterprise functionality, allowing you to program, update and integrate your fleet with any existing mobile device management systems within your organisation.

Intuitive User Experience

Boasting an intuitive user experience, the device combines the 5 inch touchscreen interface of a smartphone with the physical buttons and controls of a two-way radio – providing instant communications as well as access to full multimedia capabilities such as capturing and sending video and images, and video chat.