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MOTOTRBO, a Complete Digital Radio Communications System

Designed to provide reliable site radio for the commercial and industrial sectors, Motorola Solutions’ award-winning digital radios are built to the highest standard, with exceptional battery life and range.

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MOTOTRBO Digital Radios

Designed For Mission-Critical Communications

What is Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)?

DMR or Digital Mobile Radio is an international standard for digital two-way radio systems manufacturers. Thanks to its low cost and complexity, the DMR Tier II standard allows communications equipment from all manufacturers to function flawlessly together on core standards. DMR Tier III trunking standard provides increased features & capabilities of increased coverage when operated on a wide area network from any of Australia’s digital radio networks such as the Orion Network – Australia’s Largest DMR Tier III Digital Network. You can learn more about DMR systems here.


MOTOTRBO is a complete two-way radio system designed to be integrated with Motorola’s data applications allowing text messaging, location monitoring and other security-focused features. MOTOTRBO systems are fully customisable to fit the user’s requirements. They operate on licenced radio frequencies and are fully equipped with radio’s, a repeater and accessories. This makes them the optimal choice for communication-critical commercial and industrial business solutions.


Motorola Digital Radios for Purchase and Rent

Browse Our In-Demand MOTOTRBO DMR Products

The SL4000, DP4000 and DP2000 series radios are our current most demanded products.


Style and Functionality.

A thin and light series of portable radios designed with functionality and style in mind.

Blending seamlessly with all types of professional attire it is perfect for discreet critical-communications.

To find out more about CSE Crosscoms SL4000 series product offerings please contact our highly trained sales staff today.


High Quality Communication.

The DP4000 series are high-quality portable two-way radios offering crystal clear voice for all mission-critical situations.

These radios also come in a mobile variant the DM4000 series, with both variants offering GPS and non-GPS models.

This series of MOTORBO devices offers several models, including the DP4400, DP4600, and DP4800. Enquire today to discuss the right fit for your business needs.


Rugged and Reliable.

This rugged DP2000 series of two-way radios offer reliability, cost-effective solution for professionals.

Like the higher-spec DP4000 series, these radios also come in a mobile variant the DM2000 series, with both variants offering GPS and non-GPS models.

For advice on which model offers the right solution for you, get in touch today.

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