Analogue Radio Communications

Analogue radio – a solid communications technology

Still a widely used form of communication, analogue radio communications offer a simple, robust and cost-effective connectivity solution.

Whilst there has been a significant migration to digital technologies, analogue two-way communications have continued to be important for particular user groups such as mining, construction and other heavy industrial and commercial industries. Analogue technology continues to be a simple and cost-effective way of achieving voicing communications. Analogue is particularly beneficial when voting systems are required.

Analogue Radio Communications

Key Features

  • Natural push to talk voice
  • Operate across bands

Analogue Technology Partners

Commercial grade analogue communication systems

CSE Crosscom can supply and support commercial grade equipment that is type approved for both licensed and CB frequencies.

Analogue technology offers smaller, smarter and more capable two-way radio solutions and can cater to the needs of various industry sectors including construction, mining, industrial, commercial and logistics.

CSE Crosscom specialise in supporting legacy analogue systems as well as providing migration paths for moving from analogue to digital mobile radio technologies.

Benefits of Analogue Radio Communications

  • No interoperability issues in the conventional mode
  • Most widely used technology in radio communications
  • Analogue offers greater coverage
  • Cost-effective

CB Radio – free to air communication channels

Citizen Band (CB) two way radio communications provide an affordable, easy-to-use solution for short distance non-critical communications. Removing the need for licensing, contracts or fees, CB two-way radios are widely used when public access channels are required.

With 80 CB channels available for public use, the communal network delivers unrestricted access and operates over public spectrum. An efficient and accessible analogue communication solution, CB frequency band is not recommended for operations where secure transmissions are required.

CB Radio Technology Partner