Telemetry for total asset and fleet management

TurboTrack is a complete asset and fleet management tool, providing vital statistics and performance data to give real-time visibility of teams on the road. Featuring sophisticated tracking information, the unique interface combines key technologies of Motorola portable and mobile radios, satellite devices, cellular GSM and UMTS tracking devices, including:


TurboTrack Suite of Products Include

  • MOTOTRBO two way radio tracking
    Renowned for high tech capabilities and reliable performance, Motorola mobiles and portables enable businesses to view critical location, telemetry and text information instantly using a radio network.
  • Cellular Family
    With the ability to install in any vehicle or asset using the Next G network, the Cellular Family is the most advanced GPS/GLONASS vehicle tracking unit and are programmable to record, transmit and report using mobile communication technologies.
  • SkyWave
    A programmable, low power, high tech satellite solution to monitor, control and manage mobile and fixed assets.

TurboTrack Features

  • Comprehensive tracking system for multiple devices on one system
  • Web based fleet management systems
  • Ongoing development to deliver advanced features and capabilities to improve interface
  • Emergency response function – send SMS or email notifications to key personnel
  • Vehicle fitted telemetry equipment to monitor driver behaviour
  • API integration

TurboTrack Solutions

Through ongoing software development, in-house developers continually upgrade the system to deliver extensive customisation suitable for a variety of industries:

  • Real time tracking
    View vehicles, staff or radios anywhere in the world using an internet connection to monitor speed, direction and location.
  • Replays
    User selectable review of fleet activity from specific assets, dates and times.
  • Emergency Response
    Track emergency response or man down calls, with the ability to output SMS and/or emails to key personnel for fast response action.
  • Geo-Fence
    Create entry and exit alerts via email or SMS.
  • Reporting
    A range of fleet management reports are recorded; detailed reports, idle reports, on/off reports, over speed reports and last reported reports