Systems Integration

Intelligent Telecommunication Systems Integration – Innovate, Engineer, Integrate

CSE Crosscom is Australia’s leading supplier of telecommunications solutions and technologies, with an extensive portfolio of complex and large-scale systems integration projects for the rail, mining and energy industry.

Backed by a network of 45 offices in over 22 countries, our geographically diverse team serves customers at a global scale. Employing cutting-edge technology, CSE Crosscom capably engineer innovative and interconnected solutions fit for even the harshest environments.

CSE Crosscom’s dedicated team of systems integration experts have the tools and know-how to provide support at any and all stages of a project. At a high level, this includes consultation, design and planning, engineering, procurement, installation and configuration and maintenance and support.

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Solution Design

Innovation underpins our approach to every communication challenge. CSE Crosscom works closely with customers to explore and define their technical and functional requirements, as well as manage operational challenges, to tailor and deliver a seamless and reliable solution.

Project Management

CSE Crosscom has a proven record in the delivery of major, large-scale telecommunications infrastructure for a broad range of industries.

Our methodology begins with client consultation to clearly define project objectives and risk management protocols. We make no compromises to our established work processes, strictly adhering to milestones set at every stage, from the outset through to practical completion. This not only ensures efficient delivery, but has enabled us to remain compliant to the highest engineering and quality management standards.

Telecommunication Integration

Our scope is limitless. Regardless of scale or complexity, CSE Crosscom has inhouse capability to supply and integrate a wide range of systems including radio, CCTV, access control, communication huts and towers, power systems and more.