Managed Services

Managed Communication Systems – outsourced design, build, and maintenance

Whether it’s a greenfield or brownfield development, outsourcing telecommunication infrastructure and maintenance management can transform your operating model, while cutting costs and boosting efficiencies.

CSE Crosscom’s flexible telco rental and preventative maintenance solutions, ease the burden of any significant upfront capital outlay, with options to blend a CAPEX/OPEX strategy to suit your budget and timeline.

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What can a managed service contract accomplish?

Placing critical assets such as two way radios, associated wireless infrastructure and communications networks under a managed contract can be a viable operating strategy when seeking to purchase new equipment, acquire the latest technologies, remain compliant, or gain competitive advantage.

We have the capability to take on any size project, from major EPCM telecommunication contracts to small and medium sized systems. By developing a detailed, long range plan for communications system investment, design, rollout and management, we assist you to:

  • Effectively manage risks and minimise complexities
  • Access innovative communication technologies and support expansion
  • Define specific purchase plans, monthly costs and schedules
  • Map out and report on the benefits of acquiring these assets
  • Identify expected ROI and or payback period for the assets
  • Avoid in-house investment in ICT resourcing


It’s our reputation for keeping people safe, managing critical operations and improving performance that make us a global leader in telecoms integration.

What’s involved in managed communication services?

When considering a managed service, it involves a mix of subscriber and infrastructure services. Sub-services of the arrangement may include all or a mix of the below:

Maintaining system health and performance

Delivering Tier I, II and III support for all CSE rental infrastructure and subscribers. Our in-house preventative and corrective maintenance solutions support the day to day operations of major telecoms systems and infrastructure for the lifecycle of the system


Pay for your system monthly, while implementing technology solutions tailored to your project. Scale your system up and down to meet adhoc project requirements such as shut downs.


As part of the maintenance agreement, you have the assurance of a radio replacement guarantee within 24-hours of reporting a fault.

24/7 Support

Our technical support team are available via phone and email, with field support as required. Most of the time we will detect and repair potential issues before you are even aware they exist.