Facilities Management

Leverage our large-scale expertise – telecommunications facilities management

Your system is up and running, but it’s critical and complex – so how do you ensure it remains compliant, efficient and operational?
CSE Crosscom’s skilled workforce solutions ensure continuous uptime with in-house telecommunications facilities management.

Our qualified engineers and technicians work to ‘integrity critical’ protocols to ensure detailed maintenance plans and schedules are focused on zero downtime and compliance with legislative, Australian and company standards.

Complementary to our telecommunications project management and solution design services, our post-implementation strategies are designed to simplify the day to day operation of major telecoms systems and infrastructure over its lifecycle.

Our team won’t compromise on safety or quality management

CSE Crosscom work with you to integrate a telecom systems maintenance strategy into your larger equipment maintenance plan. We work under a total safety culture, this means you can allocate resources where you need them most, and outsource your telecommunications risk to us.

For long term operating strategies (LTOS), we deliver tiers 1,2, and 3 of support but can conduct vendor management for tiers 4 and 5. Our corrective maintenance solutions can even include spares logistics strategies that encompass the design, realisation and control of supply.

Our facilities management plans consider:

  • Manufacturer requirements for warranty claims
  • Company and project technical requirements
  • Corrective and preventative maintenance
  • Both asset and vendor management
facilities management

Outsourced telecommunications facilities management

Our workforce has experience in the following systems:

  • Wide Area Network (WAN) / Local Area Network (LAN)
  • UHF Digital Trunked radio (TETRA, P25, DMR) VHF Radio
  • Radio Consoles Paging Systems
  • Microwave VSAT
  • Satellite Telemetry
  • Fibre Optic Cable Networks / Copper Cable Networks
  • CCTV Systems Electronic Access Control (EACS)
  • Monitored Fire Detection Systems
  • PAGA Systems
  • Electronic Navigational Aids
  • Meteorological Systems
  • Ship Security Alert Systems (SSAS)
  • Maritime Systems

Benefits of embedded maintenance:

  • Seamless monitoring, management and fault detection via RF technologies
  • Conformity with HSEC corporate management systems
  • Immediate scalability for small to medium projects
  • In-house skillsets to specified certification levels
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer certified inspection and repair
  • End to end management of your telecommunications infrastructure
  • Cost management, no in-house training and hiring
facilities management