Solutions for Enhanced Retail Communication and Security Processes

Benefitting Customer and Employee Retail Experiences with the Latest Technologies

As an industry that relies on creating a positive customer experience, a business radio solution (BRS) in retail is a small implementation that can make a massive difference. CSE Crosscom’s range of easy-to-use radio devices, related products and accessories allow users to focus their time on customer service, operate through and beyond standard retail shifts with 18-hour battery performance, integrate with a business’s existing CCTV for better staff safety – and more.

CSE Crosscom is a national vendor of communications technology. Maintenance, repairs and additional services are also managed Australia-wide, meaning customers are able to receive a scalable, end-to-end solution that suits unique operating requirements.

A retail worker wearing an earpiece whilst serving a customer

Outcomes of an Integrated Radio Solution in Retail

The use of a business radio solution in retail operations has benefits for both employers, employees, and customers, including:

Adjust to Demands

When demands for additional services or checkouts increase, seamlessly adapt using CSE’s business radio solutions to mobilise staff.

Stock Replenishment

Greater efficiencies and coordination for stock filling process. Manager and filler communications to prioritise efforts.

Casual Staff Training

During peak periods where casual staff requirements increase, provide them with the team’s support and quick Q&A using CSE’s BRS.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Seamless, direct communication between staff reduces need for use of a PA system. Personnel channel accessibilities can be adjusted so that internal communications are less cluttered.

Worker Safety

‘Man down’ feature ensures worker safety in the event they have suffered a fall or accident by dispatching an alarm to the appropriate operator group when the device detects lack of movement, horizontal tilt, or both.

Theft Prevention

Radio alert capabilities and having radios on staff can act as a physical deterrent.

Staff Location

Increases ability to locate staff members in larger facility spaces through radio contact, significantly reducing man hours.

A retail employee wearing a body worn camera hands a credit card back to a customer

Outcomes of Body Worn Cameras to Enhance Retail Worker Security

Various roles in the retail industry can pose a combination of health and safety hazards, particularly in terms of undertaking physically demanding tasks, through to the increased risk of violence and harassment that stems from working in a publicly accessible environment.

Employees can protect their people and promote a safety-first approach to their operations through use of body-worn cameras for all staff. Benefits include:

Product Quality for Increased Performance

Customisable & fully integrated enterprise mobile video solution with full 720p HD video recording, 3 hours continuous recording capability.

Integration Capabilities

Body worn cameras can seamlessly integrate with existing CCTV – increasing facility security and providing footage from a first-person perspective if an incident is recorded. The footage from body worn cameras also has Wi-Fi streaming capabilities.

Customer Friendly

Non-intimidating design of the camera, which incorporates an area for an employee to input a name badge and company logo.

Worker Safety

Remote alarm activation allows employees to notify other staff in case of emergency – perfect for incident management and response.

Unlicensed or Licensed – which Retail Radio Solution is Best for me?

Licensed Radio (CLPe Analogue Series) Benefits and Features

Compact, durable design IP54 and Military standard 810 rated – able to survive dust, shock, extreme temperatures, and water

PTT functionality with easy-use button

Up to 18-hour battery life, well able to last the duration of an average shift

Escalate call feature enables important alerts or calls to be initiated immediately in high-risk situations for better safety in critical incident scenarios

Up to 8 private channels available giving capability to divide team radio communications into roles, keeping workers focused on their operations

Privacy codes can be applied to channels to protect communications from neighbouring groups

License FREE Radio (DLR Digital Series) Benefits and Features

Up to 6 channels with extended range – up to 300K square feet retail, or 20 floors*

14 hours continuous battery life

Accessories available for the License free radio range

Private reply – speak to a specific member of your team and return to home channel once conversation ends

Paging functionality to get all available staff on board