Radio Rentals – What are the Benefits to a Business?

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The latest two-way radio solutions offer a range of transformative features that significantly improve workflows, increase worker safety and remain connected in even the most challenging operating environments.

Thanks to these frequent technological improvements – CSE Crosscom has noticed a growing interest in long term rental as opposed to purchase. For some industries, this makes perfect commercial sense. Here’s why:

Fleet scalability and flexibility:

Hire radios are available on demand and can be efficiently delivered and coordinated with all other frequencies and equipment in the operating environment.

In the case of an event, radio hire may only be short-term but high in numbers required. In contrast, companies working on a project-to-project basis may have a long-term, ongoing need for radio communications, but the volume of radios may vary depending on the individual project requirements.

Regardless, a tailored rental plan can be quickly drawn up and adapted as such individualistic needs evolve.


Purchasing a two-way radio fleet is often a large investment and the permanent storage, maintenance and tracking requirements of an owned and self-managed solution can be onerous on an employer. Rental solutions contractually obligate your chosen supplier to take responsibility for product depreciation and replacement, as well radio hard costs.

In addition, monthly fees from radio hire can be deducted from a businesses’ taxable income.

    Latest technology:

    In long-term rental scenarios, companies are given the flexibility to take advantage of the latest and most relevant advancements in technology to suit their business needs. Rather than having to continually invest in upgrades – with the alternative being to stick it out with an aged system that is no longer fit for purpose – employers who rent their radios can upgrade their solution under contract and can do so under the advice of a communications expert helping to manage the account.


    Compared to other communication alternatives, such as mobile phones, two-way radios are a far more robust solution. With a shock resistant and waterproof build and shatterproof screen, two-way radios are better suited to withstand harsh operational conditions.

    Which industries are CSE noticing greatest benefits from radio rental applications?

    • Events – sporting, musicals etc.
    • Mining
    • Construction
    • Transport and Logistics

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