Motorola Solutions Product Accessories

Accessories Designed for Compatibility with your Motorola Solutions Radio Devices

CSE Crosscom is a trusted platinum partner of the internationally acclaimed Motorola Solutions.

As a dominant player in the two-way radio industry for almost a century, Motorola Solutions has innovated some of the greatest functions and capabilities now featured in everyday two-way radio technologies.

But great devices can be made even greater with the right accessories, which is why we have the equipment on hand to enhance your communications.

Why would I select same brand product accessories?

Motorola Solutions Two Way Radio devices are built with usability and capability in mind. Same-brand accessories are an extension of the product range and fill any potential gaps or additional functionality requirements that users may experience.

The most critical benefit of having product accessories from the same company is the guarantee that they have each been formulated with the compatibility to work cohesively together.

In this sense, users can expect that the products across the entire range will work optimally together, compared to alternative brand equivalents.

Accessory categories

Broadly speaking, the main categories of Motorola Solutions two-way radio accessories are batteries & chargers, cables & adapters, speaker microphones, earpieces & headsets and device cases/holders & mounts.

The specific accessory companion to your device will vary depending on the model of Motorola Solutions Radio you possess. CSE Crosscom’s accessory range complements the full range of portable & mobile devices including DMR, P25, TETRA & Business lite devices.

Batteries and Chargers

Ensure your two-way radio can withstand the demands of your working day with help from our range of Motorola Solutions battery packs and chargers.

Cables and Adapters

Accessory cables and adapter cords commonly accompany Motorola Solutions radio devices, so if you find you are in short supply or need a specific adapter look no further.

Speaker Microphones (Wireless and Plug In)

Genuine Motorola microphones are the ideal accessory for enhancing your two-way radio communications, wherever you operate.

Earpieces and Headsets

Need to drown out background disturbance, or simply prefer to listen in via a headset? Our brand name headset and earpiece accessories ensure you get the message loud and clear.

Device Cases, Holders and Mounts

From carry cases and chest packs, right through to product mounts, we’ve got the accessories to keep your radio in reach, or surface fixed.

After an accessory not listed above? Please get in contact with a CSE Crosscom representative who will be able to assist.