Our Technology Partners

The right communication technologies for best practice enterprise

Together with our partners we provide the right communication technologies, systems, platforms, applications and data that keep people safe, manage critical operations and improve performance.

We can design, build, install and maintain entire communication systems, connecting you with the right technology to ensure reliability, compliance and robust performance. We are vendor neutral which means our customers benefit from the choice of equipment, choice of supplier and continuous innovation.

From DMR, P25, Analogue, NXDN, IDAS, CB and application solutions – we address some of industry’s most demanding challenges.

Our Technology Partners

DMR Communications

Motorola Radio Communications

Motorola Solutions create innovative, mission-critical communication solutions and services that help public safety and commercial customers build safer cities and thriving communities.

As a global telecommunication systems integrator, distributing Motorola Solution’s DMR, DMR Tier III, P25, analogue and TETRA technologies allow us to achieve interoperability across systems. Employing highly skilled technicians and engineers to tackle the challenges of large-scale telecommunications projects, our long-standing partnership comes with Motorola’s global backing of technical resources and training.

A platinum partner for Motorola radio communications

Our relationship with Motorola Solutions is defined by four factors: community, technology, specialisation and program level.

At the highest tier, CSE Crosscom is a platinum partner of Motorola’s technology leadership, giving our customers access to a global channel ecosystem of infrastructure, devices, services and software designed to bring the right information, to the right person, at the right time.

Our platinum partnership means we are authorised to support Motorola Solutions for mission-critical solutions, business radio and professional and commercial radio. CSE Crosscom can act as an accredited service agent on behalf of Motorola Solutions for support, repairs, servicing for Motorola equipment including providing back to back OEM service contracts to support large-scale mission-critical systems.

CSE Crosscom is also a registered developer in the global application partner program and specialise in design and delivery of DMR applications.

DMR Communications

Orion Network

CSE Crosscom is a platinum partner and shareholder of the Orion Network in Australia and New Zealand. The network supports over one million voice and data transmissions daily and is the largest digital two-way radio network of its kind in Australia.

CSE Crosscom built the Orion Network on the latest digital mobile radio technology (DMR) infrastructure, Motorola’s Capacity Max. The Orion Network provides integrated voice and data services for clearer, faster and more versatile extended range communications.

In partnering with Orion, CSE Crosscom has a network solution with a proven track record in supporting major transport networks, government authorities and a range of public service and security applications.

A network backed by an aggressive growth strategy, CSE Crosscom can deliver a scalable network platform offering flexibility for single and multi-site operations over extended ranges, with optional integrated data applications such as GPS services, text messaging, data services and dispatch console capability.

Providing unrivalled operational productivity and safety performance features, the Orion Network has been operating since 2012, and consistently supported more than 25,000 subscribers, with extended coverage throughout the metropolitan and regional areas.

CSE Crosscom has dedicated resources supporting the network and providing customer technical support 24/7 every day of the year.



CSE Crosscom are proud platinum partners with TurboTrack, an industry leader in fleet management and GPS asset tracking.

TurboTrack provide CSE Crosscom the means and technology to deliver a unique interface featuring critical and sophisticated tracking information. Combining Motorola portables and mobile radios, satellite devices and cellular GSM and UMTS tracking devices, CSE Crosscom provide real time asset tracking and fleet management via the internet.

Utilising Motorola’s MOTOTRBO Digital Radio’s built in GPS and abilities to send data to a server, TurboTrack developed a cutting-edge asset tracking software interface that enhances MOTOTRBO products, while integrating radio, cellular Next-G and satellite technologies.



CSE Crosscom is an authorised reseller of Cel-Fi, a manufacturer and developer of smart antenna technology eliminating cellular dead-zones by seeking out the best available signal to maximise coverage to phone users.

A leading developer of indoor coverage technologies, Cel-Fi can optimise the user experience for wireless subscribers and increase radio frequency network capacity for mobile operators.

Cel-Fi’s advanced signal processing and intelligent antenna design monitors power levels of the cell tower to constantly adjust the output power, preventing interference with the carrier’s network and ultimately improving call quality by strengthening a phone’s signal.

In offering Cel-Fi coverage technology, CSE Crosscom can amplify and disburse cellular signal to provide maximum coverage when operating within a set frequency band.


Rohill TETRA Communications

CSE Crosscom is the Australian distributor of Rohill TETRA infrastructure solutions. Rohill’s TetraNode uses standard hardware and operating systems to overcome challenges associated with traditional ways of building networks.

Compatible with a wide variety of system interfaces, Rohill’s TETRA communications offer powerful features for mission, safety and business-critical operations. This includes seamless operation of group calls from the telephone, instant group patching without the need for (time-consuming) DGNA calls, collective individual call feature and the ability to include and transfer calls.

Offering efficient and powerful dispatch, voice and data logging and network management, CSE Crosscom can support Rohill technology applications, allowing maximum flexibility for customisation.

With TetraNode, CSE Crosscom guarantee complete adherence to the TETRA standard and other open networking standards, as well as offer powerful TETRA features not supplied by other systems manufacturers.


Cassidian Radio Solutions

When compliance, interoperability and secure transmissions are a priority, Cassidian TETRA radio solutions offer a strong track record in the transport, government, social service and security industries. Cassidian TETRA radio solutions are known for excellent voice quality and efficient data services.

As the Australian distributor of Cassidian TETRA radio equipment through a partnership with Airbus, CSE Crosscom design and install intrinsically safe communications solutions to the global TETRA standard.

Together with Cassidian, CSE Crosscom engineer land mobile radio network solutions that offer integrated voice and data functionality. Cassidian solutions offer the flexibility of scale and overcome unique industry complexities.



CSE Crosscom is an authorised Australian dealer of Icom, a leading manufacturer of high quality two-way radio communications equipment, including base stations, portables and mobile radios.

Together with Icom radios, CSE Crosscom can interface with various technologies including analogue, CB radio and IDAS to deliver professional group radio communications.

A renowned global leader, Icom products are constructed to support interoperability across protocols, manufacturers and technologies and can connect to a range of dispatch consoles.

When working in rugged and extreme conditions, CSE Crosscom leverage Icom equipment to overcome challenges associated with site safety and security, vehicle communication management and personal communication systems.

DMR Communications

JVC Kenwood

CSE Crosscom is a proud JVC Kenwood Gold Partner, a leading developer of commercial two-way radio equipment and systems for industry professionals worldwide.

Producing market driven products, JVC Kenwood are a trusted leader in communication solutions including voice, data, navigation and audio systems that support radio technologies including Nexedge, DMR and P25.

CSE Crosscom together with JVC Kenwood deliver large-scale multi-site systems and land mobile radio communication solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.

First class production quality, innovation and research and development centres have made it possible for JVC Kenwood to maintain outstanding world class design quality and performance.

Committed to embracing a dynamic digital product strategy, JVC Kenwood produce a fully scalable digital two-way communication solution.

DMR Communications

Tait Radio Communications

Tait Radio Communications design and manufacture professional radio communication equipment, including base stations, and portable and mobile radios for the AnalogueP25 and DMR market. CSE Crosscom are a proud authorised dealer of Tait radio communications in Oceania.

Partnering with Tait Communications enables CSE Crosscom to design and engineer unified critical communications that keep people safe, mitigate risks and enable interoperability.

Tait systems offer flexibility and industry understanding, with a reputation for more efficient and reliable communications. Tait can design and build custom components and deliver a network in line with your specified outcomes, tailoring every aspect, irrespective
of the challenges you face.

All Tait products are supported by access to software upgrades and updates, extended product warranties and maintenance agreements and health checks.

Tait specialise in radio communication solutions for the mining, fire and emergency response, transport and utility markets.