Telecommunication Networks

Communication Networks Purpose Built for Operability

CSE Crosscom has developed and maintained relationships with leading Australian network providers to enhance our delivery of full circle and large-scale communications solutions.

We work with our clients from the design phase offering ability to overcome a host of technical and physical barriers faced in the often-remote operating environments of Australia, through to the build & commission to deliver a complete solution.

A communications network is often the key critical component of a total solution that allow our customers to keep people safe & run efficient operations, we access a wide range of technologies, products and services to deliver to customers exacting specifications.

A Network Like no Other: the Orion Digital Network

CSE Crosscom is a key partner in the Orion Network, which has swiftly grown to exist as the largest digital two-way radio network in Australia of its kind, supporting over one million voice/data transmissions per day.

Some of the defining characteristics of the Orion Network include their unique design, fit for the Australian landscape, improved long range coverage and scalability dependent upon operator requirements.