Telecommunication installation solutions – site and fleet strategies

With dedicated technical departments across Australia, CSE Crosscom deliver telecommunication installation solutions of any size, from fixed cost fleet radio installations through to multi-million-dollar telecommunication networks.

Our world-class capability starts with a proven approach which integrates design, technology, innovation and expertise to remove any barriers to communication. Maintaining a vested interest in organisational safety performance, our installations team ensure that field system and fleet strategies are compatible, overcoming any limitations through our established multi-vendor technology partnerships.

Radio system installations for demanding environments

Our technical solutions are designed for harsh environments to ensure reliability, compliance and robust performance. Our telecommunication system installation strategies include:

  • Extensive operational analysis including site and spectrum evaluation
  • Site logistics, taking into consideration the need for towers, civil works, communication huts or outdoor enclosures
  • Compliance with Australian standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001
  • Contract compliance in terms of local standards and specific industry regulations

If system design is required, we can even offer system drawings to show configurations and specifications.

Following implementation, our project support and preventative maintenance programs ensure your systems are maintained and remain compliant throughout the project lifecycle.

Site ready vehicle fleet installations

From 1 to over 1000 vehicles, we can take on any fleet radio installation no matter the scale. Accountability and quality of work is where we stand out – all fleet installations are configured as per the required specifications to a consistent standard. Our experienced technicians consider each unique vehicle application, model and terrain adjusting the technology and accessories as relevant for metro, rugged or heavy commercial use.

We work direct with dealers

We take the stress out of fleet management by liaising directly with your dealer to expedite telecommunication equipment,
such as:

  • Antennas
  • Cameras
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Sensors
  • Two way Radios