Network Connectivity

Network Connectivity Solutions – Networks, Applications, Signal Boosters and Services

At CSE Crosscom, we are proud to deliver end to end communications solutions to clients across Australia and New Zealand. As an innovations business, we offer an extensive set of products & solutions that extend beyond being a leading supplier of radio communications devices.

Whether you need a network and subsequent network installation service to connect your radio fleet, maintenance on an existing communications solution, applications for interoperability of mobile and radio devices, or signal boosters to extend your network reach and reliability – CSE Crosscom have a team of expert personnel in all corners of Australia and New Zealand to effectively service your needs.

In partnership with some of the world’s leading technology providers, including the likes of Motorola, WAVE PTX, Orion Network, Cel-Fi, TurboTrack and more, we invest in the very best to guarantee superior outcomes that withstand even the harshest operating environments.

Contact CSE Crosscom today to discuss network connectivity needs and we’ll get to work ideating your solution.

Telecommunications Networks

With some of the most remote operating environments in the world, Australian customers rely on networks that provide them with effective and large-scale coverage. As a key partner of the Orion Network in Australia and New Zealand, CSE Crosscom backs this network provider for its integrated voice and data capabilities, which deliver versatility and extended reach in communications.

The network supports over one million voice and data transmissions daily and is the trusted solution for a number of major transport networks, government authorities, as well as a host of public service and security applications. The Orion Network is the largest digital two-way radio network of its kind in Australia.

Cellular Signal Boosters

CSE Crosscom stocks a number of cellular signal booster technologies. With a specialty range of smart antennas that eliminate cellular dead-zones and maximise coverage to phone users across a range of network providers, cellular signal boosting products are incredibly beneficial to companies with operations in remote locations throughout Australia.

Communication Applications

Communicate without limitations when you integrate your mobile devices with applications that optimise performance and radio functionalities. Offering interoperability between mobiles, digital mobile radios and computers, whilst leveraging existing resources and investments– having a suite of connected devices across a single network enables enhanced reach, reliability and communications capability.

Applications are a cost-effective means of upscaling the number of devices on your network, with the subscription-based platform enabling you to add or revoke licences as needs change.

Network Installation

With dedicated technical teams spanning Australia and New Zealand, CSE Crosscom can capably deliver telecommunication network installations at scale, anywhere. Leveraging our rich 20+ years of expertise, combined with leading technology and innovative solution design methodologies, we have the tools and the know how to deliver a near-infallible network solution.

With safety and performance a priority, our expert installations team ensure that works are conducted professionally as much as they are efficiently.

Network Maintenance

Whilst we guarantee the quality of any solution installed by our expert team at CSE Crosscom, inspection and maintenance is a necessary service to maintain performance and solution longevity. With dedicated preventative and corrective servicing personnel on hand, CSE Crosscom can attend scheduled maintenance requests or attend emergent corrective jobs should the need arise to ensure your solution is back up and running with minimal downtime – and back to optimal performance.