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Motorola has remained the largest player and innovator within the two-way radio industry for nearing a century.

Founded in 1928, Motorola pioneered the way for two-way communications technologies, proudly relaying man’s first words on the moon in 1969 to the ears of 650 million people and introducing the first commercial handheld cellular phone in 1983.

Thanks to Motorola, both digital and analogue two-way radios remain the most reliable forms of communication technology in the commercial and industrial sectors.

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MOTOTRBO platform

MOTOTRBO is the digital communications platform for Motorola two-way Radios. Designed for the toughest operational critical communications needs of professionals in utilities, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, construction and the educational department. Versatile and powerful, MOTOTRBO provides the best in two-way functionality paired with digital technolo

DIMETRA TETRA Systems Compatibility

Motorola Solutions DIMETRA TETRA Infrastructure provides an industry leading TETRA digital radio experience, suited to the most complex of solutions

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