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Motorola Solutions
Australia’s Largest Supplier of Products


CSE Crosscom is Proud to be a platinum partner of Motorola Solutions

Australia’s largest accredited service agent for Motorola Solutions mission critical mobile and communications solutions.

Our partnership ensures our commercial customers receive rapid access, personalised consultation and competitive pricing on Motorola’s portable and mobile two-way radios. Depending on the complexity, business application and industry environment, CSE Crosscom work with you to determine the total communications requirements for your unique operations.

Choose The Right Motorola Two-Way Radio
For Your Industry

Motorola’s Two-Way Radio Workforce Solutions Offer the Finest Digital Radio Technologies for Professional Radio Users


Motorola DMR Radios

Motorola’s digital mobile radio (DMR) technology standard offers improved spectral efficiency with advanced voice and data functionality.
From agriculture and retail, through to mining, transportation and emergency services – Motorola DMR radio technology users benefit from fast, top-level reliability and wide geographic range communications.

CSE Crosscom is also a registered developer in Motorola DMR application partner program, and the owner and operator of Australia’s largest DMR communications network.


Motorola P25 Radios

For business-critical applications and public safety grade two-way radio communications including firefighter communications, Motorola’s P25 radio solutions are the go-to device for rugged, challenging and high-risk roles.

CSE Crosscom can design and build a complete Motorola P25 solution inclusive of radio devices, infrastructure, dispatch and software applications to ensure your workforce is covered.


Motorola TETRA Radios

From a single site to a large national public safety network, Motorola Solutions’ advanced TETRA systems and services are deployed in various situations from rail, oil and gas and utilities. One of the world’s largest suppliers of TETRA, Motorola has considered feature rich, versatile product design in its TETRA portable and mobile radios.

CSE Crosscom’s TETRA radio specialists can advise on projects of any scale and location, and have unrivalled product knowledge above and beyond what any other supplier of Motorola Solutions’ products can offer.

Experts on Motorola Solutions Products

Receive Tailored Advice On All Motorola Solutions Products

Our long-standing technology partnership with Motorola gives us the authorisation to provide our customers with access to Australia’s largest range of Motorola Solutions Offerings

Experience Unparalleled Customer Service

As a platinum partner of Motorola Solutions, CSE Crosscom proudly offers its customers with an industry-leading rental program and end to end customer support

Delivering Motorola Solutions to Mining Sectors Around Australia

Experts in Mining Communication Technology Integration

We are proud to provide our clients in the Mining and resources sector with unparalleled Motorola integrated telecommunication solutions

With over 28 years’ experience in the mining sector, CSE Crosscom understands the arduous mine-site conditions like no other telecommunication solutions provider. Our comprehensive industry expertise in safety, risk management, asset monitoring and systems architecture allow us to not only provide our solutions efficiently, but most importantly safely.

Learn more about how CSE Crosscom can service your mining communication challenges with a Motorola integrated solution.