How an Integrated Solution Enhances Business Performance and Safety

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A large portion of businesses today have implemented some form of communication and / or security solution – whether it be digital two-way radios and body worn cameras for staff, or security cameras on premises.  

While these are undoubtedly beneficial, many companies are missing out on the full suite of capabilities available, if they were to utilise the latest integrative functionalities on these respective devices. 

Fully customisable, an integrated solution caters to the individual needs and scope of a business, delivering optimised results for every security or operational scenario.  

Some basic functions of an integrated communications and security solution include:

  • Control room alerts that activate live audio and video when a body worn camera is powered 
  • Access to device and solution-wide reporting across key metrics 
  • Site management through a singular, user-friendly interface 
  • Operational oversight, enabling greater efficiency in incident response / resolution 
  • Live feed of audio and text alerts fed from a control room to the security teams on ground when responding to security incidents 
  • Access control enabling employers’ visibility over who enters a building or room and when 

    Advantages of an integrated communications and security solution:

    • An obvious security solution or body worn camera display is a natural deterrent of theft or vandalism 
    • 24/7, live monitoring capability with the click of a button on a computer, mobile device or tablet to maintain monitoring at all times, from any location 
    • Protect workers in customer facing roles with ability to record and document interactions 
    • Communicate efficiently between teams from near or far and manage a greater area with lesser staff thanks to sitewide security visibility and long-range communications  

    How to get a custom integrated system for my business

    Engaging a technical expert from CSE Crosscom to establish interoperability between new or existing technology will enable a business to have access to a multi-layered platform that utilises specific functionalities into one seamless system. 

    If this sounds like the solution for you, get in contact with our technology team.