Fleet Tracking Solutions

Comprehensive Fleet Tracking and Management Solutions

Fleet tracking solutions allows businesses to manage and utilise their assets more effectively, assist with safety monitoring & reporting by employing GPS tracking and telemetry – a wireless technology for transmitting data – to remotely monitor and report on the status of your fleet in the field.

A cost-effective and scalable solution, fleet tracking software hosts a wide range of intelligent features to manage costs, safety and productivity of operations.

TurboTrack – The complete asset and fleet management tool

TurboTrack combines the key technologies of Motorola two-way radios, satellite devices, cellular GSM and UMTS tracking devices to deliver a real-time tracking system hosting an abundance of capabilities to suit any industry application.

Supporting Industries with Data-Driven Insights

With robust applications in industries such as government, oil and gas, public safety, law enforcement, mining, construction, transport and logistics, CSE Crosscom’s reliable, scalable and interoperable fleet tracking solutions offer a myriad of functional benefits. Our systems help drive productivity, manage costs and optimise safety, as well as equip businesses with insights to make data-driven decisions in mission critical environments.

Benefits of a Fleet Tracking Solution

Harnessing the powerful capabilities of GPS tracking and telemetry, fleet tracking solutions provide real-time reporting on assets in the field. This includes instant updates on your asset’s location, status, vehicle speed and on-road conditions to swiftly dispatch commands and routes to your staff.

No matter the situation, stay in control of your assets, team and mission. From poor traffic conditions to unexpected circumstances, get ahead and direct your team through volatile situations efficiently and safely.

With the ability to track road conditions, plan routes accordingly and dispatch drivers with clarity, fleet tracking solutions allow businesses to manage usage of time, labour and fuel more efficiently and effectively to deliver optimum outcomes for their customers.

Drive continuous progress with dynamic built-in analytics and reporting, providing actionable insights to improve your fleet and team’s safety and performance.