CSE Global extends reach in the USA with acquisition of Florida based company, Radio One Inc.

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Florida, USA: CSE Global recently announced the acquisition of Radio One Inc (‘Radio One’), a Florida based communications solutions company by its subsidiary CSE Crosscom USA Inc (CSE Crosscom USA).

CSE, the Australian and New Zealand division of CSE Global, welcomes this newest acquisition, extending CSE Global’s service delivery into the United States market. Radio One’s expertise and strength across a broad range of industries supports CSE Global’s strategic direction of expanding into sectors of increased demand for connectivity and security, and complements current business.

CSE Global maintains a clear growth strategy, with CSE Crosscom USA joining over 45 offices across 16 countries – including CSE Crosscom UK and its Australian based subsidiary, CSE Crosscom. Radio One is just one of several acquisitions made by CSE Global and its subsidiaries in the past two years.

As CSE Global continues to forge its leadership in voice, data and video communication systems in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, this deal will leverage Radio One’s history and longevity in the United States market. Linking Radio One to CSE Global’s internationally accredited commercial, quality and safety systems will see the Crosscom group continue to shape the future of intelligent business.

The Crosscom group is constantly innovating and working with the world’s leading manufacturers to meet the needs of industry. Communication is just the start – but the main focus is on the systems, equipment and infrastructure that keep workforces safe, productive and compliant.

The addition of Radio One to CSE Global is great news for both international and United States based customers. The Crosscom group’s agile approach to technology design and implementation is a testament to the individuals behind each subsidiary.

Radio One will be a valued addition to CSE Crosscom USA.