CSE Technology Partner - Orion Network

The Orion Network

CSE Crosscom is a platinum partner and shareholder of the Orion Network in Australia and New Zealand. The network supports over one million voice and data transmissions daily and is the largest digital two-way radio network of its kind in Australia.

CSE Crosscom built the Orion Network on the latest digital mobile radio technology (DMR) infrastructure, Motorola’s Capacity Max. The Orion Network provides integrated voice and data services for clearer, faster and more versatile extended range communications.

In partnering with Orion, CSE Crosscom has a network solution with a proven track record in supporting major transport networks, government authorities and a range of public service and security applications.

A network backed by an aggressive growth strategy, CSE Crosscom can deliver a scalable network platform offering flexibility for single and multi-site operations over extended ranges, with optional integrated data applications such as GPS services, text messaging, data services and dispatch console capability.

Providing unrivalled operational productivity and safety performance features, the Orion Network has been operating since 2012, and consistently supported more than  25,000 subscribers, with extended coverage throughout the metropolitan and regional areas.
CSE Crosscom has dedicated resources supporting the network and providing customer technical support 24/7 every day of the year.

Orion Network