CSE Technology Partner - Rohill

Rohill TETRA Communications

CSE Crosscom is the Australian distributor of Rohill TETRA infrastructure solutions. Rohill’s TetraNode uses standard hardware and operating systems to overcome challenges associated with traditional ways of building networks.

Compatible with a wide variety of system interfaces, Rohill’s TETRA communications offer powerful features for mission, safety and business-critical operations. This includes seamless operation of group calls from the telephone, instant group patching without the need for (time-consuming) DGNA calls, collective individual call feature and the ability to include and transfer calls.

Offering efficient and powerful dispatch, voice and data logging and network management, CSE Crosscom can support Rohill technology applications, allowing maximum flexibility for customisation.

With TetraNode, CSE Crosscom guarantee complete adherence to the TETRA standard and other open networking standards, as well as offer powerful TETRA features not supplied by other systems manufacturers.