Creating value for shareholders, clients, the community and our people 

Our history and longevity is established on a foundation of integrity in all that we do. Approaching all situations in a way that is right and ethical, with a high level of transparency is central to our business culture.  

We foster an environment of continuous improvement in telecoms management enforcing a strict set of operational procedures that are monitored and regularly updated. We have the appropriate certifications and qualifications to deliver on world-class projects. 

CSE Crosscom Corporate Governance Framework

The business and affairs of CSE Crosscom are managed by or under the direction of the Board. The Company’s corporate governance framework provides the platform from which:

  • The Board is accountable to shareholders for the operations, performance and growth of the company
  • Management is accountable to the Board
  • The risks of CSE Crosscom’s business are identified and managed
  • CSE Crosscom communicate with its shareholders and the broader investment community

Code of Conduct

CSE Crosscom has established a Code of Business Ethics and Conduct that outlines the principles of business ethics for the Group and covers areas such as business conduct, protection of Company assets, confidentiality of information, anti-bribery/corruption and conflicts of interest.  

All staff are expected to uphold high standards of integritin compliance with the Code as well as laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. 

CSE introduced Code of Business Ethics & Conduct (“COBEC”) guidelines for certification and acceptance for compliance by all employees. The objectives of COBEC are to protect the integrity of the Company’s decision-making process, enable our stakeholders to have confidence in the Company’s business ethics and protect the reputation of our employees. 

More details about our corporate governance practices can be found in the Corporate Governance Report section of our annual report. 

Social performance and transparency measurements

Supply Chain Transparency

We are committed to managing our supply chain with a transparent and ethical selection assessment and evaluation criteria which take into consideration of supply sustainability, alternative backup sources, diversity in vendors’ sizes/backgrounds, as well as their compliance to our established environmental, safety and health policies and procedures.

CSE evaluates and selects suppliers based on their ability to supply product in accordance with CSE’s requirements, taking into consideration customer needs.