In a busy and fast-paced environment such as an airport where safety is paramount, reliable and instant communication channels are critical to ensuring all departments can achieve their responsibilities safely and efficiently. An integrated and scalable two-way radio network, such as Orion, can help all areas of an airport run smoothly. From security, maintenance and baggage handling, through to catering, fuelling, emergency communications and air traffic control – Orion can make clear and reliable radio communication a reality.

Communications Solutions to Automate Aviation Processes

  • Integrated data capabilities to do more with less using business applications such as GPS location, text messaging, telemetry, job ticketing and safety/emergency response.
  • Voice logging to record and replay radio conversations; critical information to better understand dialogue preceding an incident, and for investigative and training purposes.
  • ‘Man down’ feature ensures worker safety in the event they have suffered a fall or accident by dispatching an alarm to the appropriate operator group when the device detects lack of movement, horizontal tilt or both.
  • Battery fleet management to regularly monitor the health and status of your device fleet. By collecting data from each battery, you can now see recommendations of which batteries need replacing so that you can better optimise the life of your battery.
  • Over-the-air programming allows you to update devices remotely, either via Wi-Fi or over the field communications network. Updates can be centrally managed and scheduled to minimise disruption to your business-critical communications and increase efficiencies to your in-field workers.

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All-In-One Critical Communications Solution for the Aviation Industry